About me

Shane Storms of mindseed designMy name is Shane Storms, I'm South African and live in Johannesburg. I was born on the 30 May 1970.


I've had a love for art and design for as long as I remember. My progression from brush to pc came around in 1994, after a very good friend of mine bought his first PC. I was blown away by the free Coreldraw 2 software that came bundled with the system (The one and only time I've ever found bloatware usefull ). I would find every opportunity I could; between "hot-seat" playing of Dune with my friend and brother, to practise with CorelDraw's tools. I was in awe at every one of my mouse clicks and the digital results painted onto the monitor. I decided then and there I had to get myself a P.C. and become a digital artist.


Fast forward to now; and many years later my love for digital art has not ceased. My passion for all things digital has grown in leaps and bounds, covering everything from video animation to AndroidTM development. I've become a coding, painting, editing and computer geek who loves his work, his CEO Diesel and all things Google.