Dream Digital Android Theme

Dream Digital Go Launcher Ex Theme

"The Matrix" has a head on Collision with "Tron" and the after-effect and resulting schematics have been digitally transformed, ready to be displayed on your Androidâ„¢ phone.

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Screenshots of Dream Digital Go Launcher Ex Theme

Dream Digital Theme Features

  • A futuristic, digital dreamscape theme for your Android phone.
  • 40+ Original and Unique Digital Icons (plenty more to come...)
  • Folder Icons and drawers
  • Two choices of Digital Wallpaper (Menu - Wallpaper - Go Wallpaper - more to come...)

This Dream Digital theme is for the Go Launcher Ex home replacement app. If you do not have it installed please download it from the market. Once you have installed Go Launcher Ex. Download this theme and install it. Press menu - themes - and select Dream Digital.

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